The Couturier


Unyielding, she gasped as his grip intensified.

He dealt the final blow, zipping up her designer gown.


A spa day

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  Clearing some space in phone to capture random moments when I’m out and about, this is what caught my eye. I remember spending nearly an hour observing these sparrows enjoying their dust bath and some of them enjoying a regular bath. These were taken in McLeodganj at Sunset Point. While I was thoroughly enjoying […]


Lollipop Logic


I’ve just come upon a new philosophy that I’m going to call “Lollipop Logic”.

Upon the occasional, whimsical craving for the little pleasures of life, I had bought 4-5 different flavours of lollipops while grocery shopping.

As I unwrapped a lollipop, I remember staring at it, fascinated by the burst of colour against the overhead light.

Something so trivial could be so beautiful and fascinating.

I couldn’t help but be amused with myself as I hurriedly unwrapped the other lollipops and stood on my bed, holding them one by one, against the light 😅.

Find your lollipop 🍭 , find your happiness. It’s OK to let the child in you help the adult every now and then.

Belinda’s Blush

She cultured her pride and garden prudently.

Belinda’s blush was more supple than the roses bearing her name.


It is Jane Austen’s birthday today and I just felt like writing something that reflects ‘Austenland’ 🙂  I think I must revisit Pride and Prejudice right away.

PS: The photo is from Pixabay and not mine. It is free to use.

Love you #DearZindagi

Somehow, I had been keeping my expectations in check about this because I’ve been sceptical of Shahrukh Khan’s choice of roles (offlate) but the director Gauri Shinde is what really egged me to take a chance with this flick. (Also, I really loved Alia Bhatt’s acting in Highway so that was another plus)

The movie takes a glimpse into the life of Kyra (Alia Bhatt), a cinematographer who has developed certain personality quirks that I could relate to (not in the sense that I’ve felt what she did but I’ve seen people acting this way). I could remember some people who’ve narrated their life events with me, reflecting on how impulsive they could be or just do something completely opposite, completely unpredictable, feeling a sense of fear of rejection or being alone no matter how comfortable they seemed to be with themselves. Kyra has some issues that she manages to keep at bay…only just. Finally, a heartbreak becomes the trigger for a downward spiral, only to realise that she needs help.

It would be better not to judge the technicality and professional approach used in the therapy that Kyra takes up with her ‘dimaag ka doctor’ aka DD, Jehangir Khan (Shahrukh Khan). As her sessions progress, Kyra is made to ponder inwardly, at her childhood, at her relationships and at herself. With time, Kyra learns to deal with her past and seems to be stepping confidently towards a bright future.

The movie makes an excellent point to literally spell it out : Therapy is ok. Mental health needs to be dealt the way one deals with physical health, it should be free from stigma. What I could critique however , is the unnecessary and typical romantic element shown between Kyra and Jehangir Khan. Kyra’s fear of rejection and her overcoming that fear could’ve been easily shown with one of her past boyfriends. But I can brush that aside and say that this movie may fetch Alia Bhatt and Gauri Shinde some awards for sure (and yeah Shahrukh too).

Rock On 2 : Music and acting breathes new life into a predictable plot


Image from Wikipedia as per the link (Not mine)

I must admit that I was sceptical about this one seeing as how most sequels very rarely manage to live up to the success of their predecessors but I owed it to my younger self and the phenomenon of “Rock on” to catch it.

The movie takes you 8 years forward in the lives of Adi (Farhan Akhtar), KD (Purab Kohli) and Joe (Arjun Rampal) with flashes of the past when Robbie (Luke Kenny) was still making music with Magik (You recall that he dies in Rock On I, battling cancer…sigh…). Adi retreats into his shell, living away from a city life and in the lap one of Shillong’s tiny villages, helping the local community with establishing and running a farmers’ cooperative and primary schooling facilities. KD now manages most aspects of their music label and works on creative projects for clients who expect him to follow their creative briefs about the music they want but know zilch about the concept of music. Joe has become a successful reality show judge and a partner for a club, no longer a frustrated man because of money troubles (but he still looks frustrated all the same…won a national award for it last time.. 😛 ).

Adi is constantly haunted by an unpleasant incident, plagued by guilt over the suicide of a young boy who’d come to Magik and Adi numerous times, to showcase his musical talent (Eminem’s “Stan” anyone? I thought so…). To make matters worse, Adi runs into trouble with the government officials after a forest fire destroys almost everything that he had worked on with the villagers. In a vulnerable moment, riddled with the pain and anguish of the villagers, Adi is saved by Jiah (Shraddha Kapoor), a keyboard player and singer who lives with her father, Pandit Vibhooti (Kumud Mishra), a renowned classical singer.  Adi, now back in the city (Mumbai) is pleasantly surprised to meet Jia at their music label headquarters. Jiah and her friend, Uday (Shashank Arora) end up becoming members of Magik with a reboot performance slated in Joe’s bar. Something goes wrong, Jiah freezes and is shown to be disturbed by something. Slowly but predictably, it is revealed that Jiah is still grieving the loss of her elder brother, Rahul, the very same boy who kept asking Adi to listen to his music. What ensues is a complex unfolding of emotions, from guilt, anger, frustration and rebellion to one of forgiveness, realisation, redemption and reparation of broken souls. Music becomes the glimmer of hope as it truly is, touching the lives of the characters in different ways.

Though the story line is not as engaging as I’d like it to be, the way it is done truly breathes new life into a predictable story line. Purab Kohli, Shraddha Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar are outstanding in their roles each. Not only does the movie deal with grief and loss in a very real and mature way, it also makes a serious attempt at bringing the Northeast part of the nation into the daily life by setting the major plot in Shillong, highlighting the problems faced by the local communities there. An interesting take is that the antagonist(s) in the movie are shown to be thugs hired by the government officials of local area, so there are good guys and bad guys from the same local community and there are these outsiders (Adi and his friends) trying to do some good too. Go for it, you’ll definitely find something worthwhile in the movie. 🙂

Have a very Google Halloween!

While I was busy reeling from post Diwali festivities (blues because there end the holidays) and pollution (because people have gone crack-ers), I just happened to discover the cute Google doodle for Halloween’s.


Images belong to Google

Well, Google being Google, it has outdone itself again. A black cat named Momo is the new star of this year’s Google doodle. It inspires the age old spirit of Halloween through the folklore and myths about black cats but it engages the visitor through a minigame also.


Google Minigame

A super adorable built-in game, you play as the freshman cat Momo, at  a magical school who must battle all kinds of spooks to save its school. What are you waiting for? Swish here to try: Google’s Halloween Doodle

P.S: Yes, yes, I think I love everything about Google. I even wrote an ode to Google (somewhat). Read it here if you’d like to 😀